New Camaro Concept

I just saw the live webfeed of the new concept Camaro on… all i can say is holy shit… MUCH better than the new mustang. corvette engine. amazing styling… just phenomenal. ill post some pictures as soon as i can get them.

MUCH better than the new mustang
??? Things not even an official concept yet? And they change a ton even before production. Big deal, they took an ugly ass goat (GTO) and styled it differently like some new age Cadillac cts/vette half-breed. GM's broke anyways.

mmmmm, Mustang food.

so is Ford…

But i agree… the new camaro looks like a CTS / Vette half breed

i like it but its a long way from concept to production

Ford is no where near the debt GM is in. I will predict Toyota will buy out GM. Since half the crap they got out there is basically Toyota parts.

Ford has been on the brink of filing chapter 11 for years. doesnt get much more broke then that.

Have they really? That is a pretty scary concept when you work for them…


Wait one second…which Concept Camero?



@ Popular Hot Rodding

the first one i think
from what i read about them

That one from Popular Hot Rodding isn’t a concept, it’s some young kid that built that custom car.

ehhhh not impressed. All they did was take a cue from Ford and went retro with updated styling cues. Nice, but not for me

sorry didnt mean to scare you miranda. but everything i have read about ford the last couple of years points to them being near bankrupt. Theres just not enough people buying brand new vehicles to sustain new car production indefinately. kinda like the oil crisis.

Now if they had done the second car instead of the first one I would be a bit more thrilled. At least the New mustang LOOKed like it was an old school throw back. I dont see much resembelance in the new camaro concept. but im not a chevy fan either…

I like it.

  • Darron

No big Mark. Now I know why I get paid so little. Lol!
I personally like the new camero concept. It’s pretty sweet.


it looks too much like the mustang.

All domestic car companies are losing big, don’t expect to see most of the features and styling of the new “old school” concepts to actually hit the market. Look at how much the Mustang changed before it was released, same goes with the Charger. Granted its fun to look at all of the concepts out there but be realistic about it and know that it’s not going to happen.