new addition

Here is the newest addition to the family. An 03 with pritty much every option that I have ever seen out of a ford dealership.

Auto? :frowning:

yep… It’s the Wifes :smiley:

Now does your wife have the tuner bug? or is this one staying Stock?

I would imagine at least she would be into the mods that improve the gas mileage, I mean who wouldn’t want that? What Melinda and I are wondering if this was a car she chose, or one that you got for her. Lord knows I’ve been trying to get Melinda into a ZX2 for awhile.

 No this one was all her. She chose the car, I just get to pay for it. As for the tuning bug, well... she is already eyeing my Hot Shots intake, throwing around idea's of header back exhaust and a UDP. Maybe evan a blue chip, nuthing to complicated in the engine. I think were going to put some progress springs and Tokico struts with a 19mm swaybar on it too. She also doesn't like the 03 oval stereo housing and wants me to swap her for my Metra. Then she will have the XM system in her car. 

With all of these mods I only worry about lossing her low end power. It's an auto it needs all the low end it can get.

I don’t think that any of the mentioned mods would take away enough low end to make much if any difference.

  • Darron

I did the cams and headers on my car at the same time and lost a lot of low end. I am confident that it will all be OK, but just a little paranoid.

If ya want, I have the tubing to delete the upper resonator. It would help to forwarding the intake improvements on the car, all I ask if she does inherit your hotshot that you pass on the tubing to another tuner. As always I offer free shipping, and since I don’t want anything for the part itself, its a basic giveaway.

beautifull choice !!! congrats to both of you

Thank you Esa Vega, Darth I apriciate it but the passing of the intake happened lat night in my sleep. Her Excuse was I had the munchies nd had to go to the store… How that constitutes putting the HS in the midle of the night is beyond me. :?

LOL. Don’t ask man, I’ve learned somtimes it better to just let it go.