Need ZX2 help

Hey I have a zx2 '02; I would like to know how to hook my ZX2. I have plans for a short ram intake and headers.
I would like to know what else to do?

Can I get some help…
thanks :wink:

Some of the best things you could do is get a under drive pulley. Weight reduction and tunning are good starters too.

Alright here is the deal

Header: Kamikazi - … index.html you can find them cheaper used look around in the for sale section. After Kami I would look towards the Hotshot/ ZXtuner header they are no longer in production but you can find them used also

Intake - MMI - http://www.overkillengineeringmotorspor … take2.html Screw the short ram get the best! He also sells some cool radiator mounts and other things for us.

Exhaust - Tru Bendz - … ype=main12 Once again get the best :slight_smile:

ECU Upgrade- SCT XCAL, or Flipchip - Talk with this guy he will hook you up!

A crank underdrive pulley and matching serpentine belt would be an effective cheap mod to do also

thank for the input, but why not short ram ( get off the line quicker) with short ram the low RPM’s hve more effect. Also I went look for the headers used and found :

[url=|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318] ... 240%3A1318[/url]

I saw this on eBay and thought it so much cheaper or is this a knock off?

on that note, for the exhaust system why would I buy an exhaust system, I could just might just get it manufactured some officer at a muffler shop with a 2 1/2 inch exhaust system, right. Or is there some need warning system?

I really do appreciate the help thanks; anymore suggestions would be great.

I would just recommend quality parts…(thats the way I am, I want the best) most of the intakes such as weapon R and ebay ones do not have mounting brackets and are small dia. of tubing. MMI is quality dyno proven.

as for the header… I know of other people that have bought cheap ebay ones and said that they have been great. If you dont wanna fork out the $ for the Kami/Hotshot then I would go with a OBX they can be found on ebay pretty cheap.

Once again tru bendz is quality LOT of us go through them… its all mandrel bent not crushed, and they offer stainless. And they give you a excellent choice of mufflers and resonators.

point taken, I just got a Intake (short ram) off ebay aaaaah this sucks a little I mean it does its job I guess, but I had to make new bracket already. I will try to upload some pics for the examples.

I hope this all works out i am pay a lot like 1500 $$$$ I so feel the burn on this…

you paid $1500 For the car? How many miles? That dosent sound to bad to me.

$1500 isn’t bad. I remember when I bought mine for almost $5k…

$1500 isnt bad at all!!! IMO I paid $3600 for mine a little over a year and a half ago! with 67,000 on it.

Heck I would buy another Z if I found one in good shape for $1500! There is here one in town for $1500 but the body isnt in good shape at all!

Bought mine for 5.5k so it sounds like you have a great deal. Just take your time and get quality parts. It truly is right on “you get what you paid for”. These guys have given you great advice for car parts.

Haha no I am talking about performace parts for the car. I paid 4.5k for my ZX2. Sorry did not clarify what I ment.
So if anyone knows how to cut cost for these upgrades. Let me know how and where. My girls got a civic with 2k (daddy’s money) in mods, it’s killen me and it’s a automatic. I have a manual I should win, help me out…