Need new tires, opinions?

Getting ready to replace the tires on 2000 zx2. Its mainly a daily driver about 50% highway 50% stop and go. Anyone have any tires that they’ve had awhile and really like? I’ve been running 195,65,15’s.

Tire reps have mentioned the Michelin Primacy’s, Falken 912’s and Yokohama TRZ’s in this size but i can’t seem to really find a conscientious online as to if these are really any good.

I had falkens years ago and i remember them gripping really well but they didn’t seem to last long. I’m guessing whatever i get will last about 30,000 or three years on my zx2. Seems to be about what i’ve gotten on my previous tires in the past. I don’t really encounter snow around here, mainly a bit of rain and lots of sun.

So what have you tried? What do your recommend?

so far the goldilocks size for me has been going just a shade wider to 205 60 15. those 65 sound a little too tall just be prepared for a little occasional rubbing on the fender. I used to go through the 195 every 7 months even with h rated tires even faster with anything rated lower than that. I don’t recommend going any lower than h rated tires unless you really baby the car and dont plan on making hard on the turns.