need a photoshop master

i need someone in that can do photo shop really well im doin a project and need someone to do the photo for me. i am gona try and move the tail lights to the bumper. and im gona do somthin to the side panles by the side glass like vents hard to discribe but pm me so we can talk about it thanks

If you were to actually go through with this, unless its a show car and you trailor it everywhere its not street legal. All exterior lighting has to be so far off the ground, for the obvious reason that people behind, or in front of you need to be able to see you. Its a safey concern, and if you moved your tai lights down to the bumper you would be getting pulled over left and right, and possibly have your car towed.

eplain all the minitrucks you see with corvette tails in their bumpers then.

exactly, plus i think he lives in OH, where the cops honestly could care less about that stuff…

Actually some of the cops up here can be @$$es. But to counter the corvette truck thing, I’ve only seen them on full sized trucks, and even most smaller trucks still have their bumper higher than ours.

I would still check into the legality of it.

  • Darron

I can help you out with photoshopping.

yea im from ohio and yea some cops are anal cum bubbles. but where im from they let me go. my car is for show but i still wana do it. i seen 3 cars around made for street racing that have done it(ALL HONDAS) and think there hard shit so i wana show they that there are cars as good or better then them. i beleave this would make the z a lil sicxer then it will be or if not in the bumper then ill be usein skyline or corvette tails in the car where the stock are.