My Z

figured some of you might now know what i have. it’s a 2003, but i messed up the stock front and got the kit instead of replacing it.

now that rings a bell! good god that is such a clean car man, seriously. That body kit looks great and flows, you don’t have a billion wacky colors all over the place, great theme, so well done. Definitely an A++ car.

thanks man. i got some goodies today that should be in friday aka carbon fiber interior pieces. hopefully they’ll look good in the car.

Did you snag yourself a carbontc kit? if so i’m gonna be pretty damn jealous.

i think it’s from a group buy westtexasz did. not sure though. i got it from azn_zx2 and it looks GREAT. the only thing is i’m not exactly sure where some of these pieces go. . .lol

can’t wait to see it! mine were a bit weird to install too but once i figured it out it wasn’t so bad.

I dont think id ever seen pics of your car lol. Nice I like that gray, car looks good.

nice! clean! I like!