my turbo evolution Updated w/ new pix

One on the right first, the one on the left second

New turbo GT35R and the new kit is almost done.

Damn…how big you goin’ bro…

over bord big

Is that a gude dumptube?

no i made it all except the header its focus sport. gude did my head, cams and Tb. :smiley:

Its very similar to the dumptube i got…which is made by gude.

Keep us updated on ur z bro!!

it will be running tonight

sweet…get start up vids.

that is badass kicker…

it runs. it needs a tune really bad but it runs. im taking it to the track on dec. 16th and it will be dyno tuned by wed the 13th. for around 330 to 350 whp. i should be able to go 10s with that.

cant wait to see vids of that!!

Ditto! Please have some one record that. :slight_smile: At least get your slips posted on here. Congrats on your successful upgrade!

  • Darron

Hey Kicker,

What are you using for the IM? FRIM??

i normaly use aol my sn is stingerzx2 but i havent been on in a while. i use the internet at work cuz im always at my shop workin on the z or my vega my email address is or you can find me on my space too