my "other" cars (56K GFAK)

i have no pics of my new zx2 yiet, but for now i’ll show you my 2 panthers-

this one has been my pride & joy since i got her in '99. not my 1st car, but owned her the longest.

'87 LTD CrownVic LX , 5.0L

not real fast by any means, but enough to where it can get out of its own way. I plan on contuning the restoration (started last year with the body) with the suspension upgrade/rebuild, interior, and then finally a new mill (gonna try and shoot for 300 horses n/a) with would get me into the low 14/high 13 sec bracket

and then teh other panther. I got this one cheap as a project. this WAS going to be my daily driver before i decided to get the zx2. this one will go up for sale soon now that i finished the engine work on it (had a terrible miss, turned out to be a bent valve)

the LTD looks like the one from MEN IN BLACK
my first car was a 83 Crown Vic. Interceptor it was in a shot out w/ bullet holes in the body and everything i loved it the more i beat it the better it worked

I’m loving that car. Clean, black, stealthy, beautiful. +1 4 u.

thanks and yes at leasst one person recognized the look! for some odd reason, people think its the Bluesmobile…

but yea its has a very clean look to it making it somewhat of a sleeper. the exhaust tho is pretty friggin loud which kills the sleeper package. its still my favorite car.

w3rd! Whats up Elwood?!?

+1 on the LTD, looks great!