My nightmares are real!!!!!

Anybody remember “Alien” the movie and its subsequent series… Remember the ‘face-huggers’???


[url=] ... ntarctica_[/url]


omg :?

Damn, they must have had the nuclear test site spiders on those movies.

Shudders Man, I hate spiders. Yuck!!


I found this part most distubing…

"she says.

‘That makes them a very sexy and attractive fauna.’"

Creap? ,Yyes. Cool? Kinda. Do I want one? HECK NO!!!

  • Darron

Hey Ironmark, figured you could apricate this shirt:

[url=] ... t=6&page=1[/url]

lol! Im so getting one once I have some money

Did anyone else notice it was smoking a cigarette?

  • Darron

Hehe. It’s in reference to this comic that I regularly read:

i hate spiders.

That comic is cool! :evil:
By the way, I’m new here. Just signed up today.

2000 S/R
No Mods, just a K&N Air Filter

WElcome to ZX2MS

Thanks. I noticed that we’re both from PA. I’m in Washington. I know there are a lot of questions about mods for these cars, but what do you think about modifying the S/R’s? :? Do you think these cars are too rare to modify or not?

Thanks again for the welcome.

In my opinion every car can be inproved on, unless your car is an all out race car, suspension wise, all you need is a sway bar and adjusting tyre pressure, possibly camber bolts. Speed wise, 135bhp isn’t enough, but that’s my opinion.

Thats depends on how your modifying it. The S/R already came with most of the aftermarket parts that us cheapo’s have decided to go without till we have the money to purchase them.

If your like PeanutsParts you can rip the S/R apart sell its peices for a higher price and make the car a POS that compares nothing to its former self. We dont like Peanutsparts…

BTW Welcome to ZX2ms.

Ya know, I like it here already. Roush told me about this Peanut guy. Thats crazy! I looked for about 5 years to get my S/R. My dad bought his brand new and the first time I drove it, I had to have one myself. I would never tear apart my car, thats nuts, no pun intended. Ok…maybe just a little. :smiley: