My new system Installed

Here it is guys. Just about done. Just need to custom build everything into the trunk.

The box is still naked and the amps are just in a temp position. Soon everything should be cleaned up!

Let me know what you think guys. Thanks,

Nice set up chris . how does it sound?

and yes clean that up the wires are everywhere

that sub is going to distort your rears pretty bad probably…

That sub distorts everything in the car lol… The rears and front speakers are kinda shit anyways… Going to get some new JLs for there also soon… Just need to sayve another $1000 to finish that off. Then I should be set. Also I might be selling my headunit soon for a reduced cost lol… Like maybe $200 so I can buy a indash DVD player/Navagation system.

U never stop Chris…congrats!!!