my 99 is bucking

My 99 ZX2 w/ MTX has had this problem for some time now. When decelerating in first gear (not to a stop) and then accelerating again such as in a parking lot the car starts bucking like crazy unless I use the clutch. I’ve always thought it is a clutch issue or maybe the transmission. Any suggestions?

I know you are quick to think it is a transmission issue. You are probably right because in both cases you are in 1st gear. But does the engine do anything different? Sound or RPMs jump or anything?

My 99 zx2 is doing the same thing. If I try to goo forward(stop light) it starts bucking I feel like I’m rigind a horse wiht a bad temper :lol:. Only thing is is that its a automatice not a stick. I was wondering could it be the mass air flow senser or the coil in the car. My husband and I are just kinda stumped. I was going to put a new air intake but we just want to make sure before do this. Any advise would be appr. :?

Jen has the same issue with hers. I think it has a lot to do with the engine mounts. When you are creeping along in first gear, you are only getting 12.5 fire pulses per second (1,500 rpm / 60 seconds (per minute) / 2 fire pulses per crank rotation). The engine is going to rock each time a cylinder fires, and if you have older engine mounts, the engine will sway. Having a 200 lb weight swaying in a light car is going to rock it pretty good, which exaserbates the problem. The more the car sways, the more the engine sways. The more the engine sways… You get the point. Adding polyurethane inserts in the motor mounts should help.

I’m not saying it’s only the motor mounts, it could be something else. Also, since the Z doesn’t have a whole lot of torque, it won’t keep the car moving as well as a bigger engine, which is probably why it rocks so much. I know that once Jen put the high rev intake cam in, it made the problem worse.