Anyone here into Munnys?? lol
If you don’t know what a munny is go here
If you do know then I just got mine lol :wink:

huh?? :?
coccaine’s a hell of a drug man.

f*ck yo couch!

Seriosuly though lol Anyone?

chris hun… i think you worked on the site a lil toooo long… i think its time to seek out professional help lol… but whatever floats your boat or tickles your pickle

i still dunno whats going on…

do you ever??

Anyways… playa if you’d click the link chris left you’d know what a “munny” is… lol

edit 100 Posts… lol im officially a MEMBER! w00t! lol

*edit* 100 Posts.. lol im officially a MEMBER! w00t! lol

Long way till Post Whore.

Lol :wink:

dont really care to be a post whore…

yo stop thread jacking people damn. :evil: Whats wrong with you guys. I am startin to get pissed about it. It happens all the time. Lets stay on track :wink:

:( :oops: Sorry.....................

isnt that what money is called in the new kingdom heart 2 game?? sorry my nefue loves that game


its called that in both if I remember correctly.

So Chris what is the Munny besides a big white doll that you color? story behind it my man!

Its a new fad lol. Lots of people get them and modify them. You can do whatever you want with them. Its going to end up on my desk at work.

your right my bad. but anyways i checked the forums on that site some of those are nice. lol im gona have to buy one my self.


think it’d be worth getting if I have no artistic ability? still looks kinda fun…