MTX Issues shifting into Reverse

Sometimes when I try to shift into reverse, if I push the clutch all the way to the floor, I am unable to shift into reverse, like there’s a lockout. If I lift the clutch about 2" it will pop in place just fine. No issues with any other gears and once it’s in any gear there are no issues with it popping out, it doesn’t ever grind gears when I shift either. Any ideas?

1st welcome!

2nd There is a lockout, sometimes you may need to put the shifter into a different gear to release the lockout.

If you arent grinding gears why would you think thats a bad thing? I mis-shift at least once a day just to hear my tranny scream! lol!

I realize there is a reverse lockout, but it didn’t previously engage before, and the problem isn’t that it’s ocking it out while the vehicle moves or even is in gear, the problem is just when I try to shift from neutral to reverse. If I lift up on the clutch a little bit it slides right in…

Mine does the same thing. Nothing to worry about


  • Darron

And Ditto once again… Just another small detail about the cars that happens to us all pretty much. Mine is the same way sometimes. Just the way the car is I guess. Don’t worry about it though.

yeah same here. Just the way it is. I know mine is a pain to get into reverse sometimes.

Guess I didn’t notice it before. Maybe doing the clutch pedal adjustment will resolve it.