MTX Issues... Can't shift into second, fourth, or reverse!

This is on an 03 with 85000 miles on the original MTX.

I’d noticed for a week or so that first was getting “sticky” when I’d shift into it. I had to let off the clutch a bit and it’d go in just fine, similar to reverse, but I’d gotten used to it and it didn’t grind gears or anything.

I was on the freeway and my clutch gave out on me. I could shift into any gear and rev but not go anywhere, so I had a local shop replace the clutch for me because I know how much of a pain in the ass it is. The guy at the shop called me and told me when they drained the MTX, hardly any fluid came out. He found a small leak near the Vehicle Speed Sensor and it was fixed with some teflon tape.

Anyways, after getting the new clutch in, it felt very light (there was not nearly as much resistance as I pushed the pedal) and the guy told me it felt weird to him too but that they bled the lines several times and it didn’t change anything. I figured it was just weak pressure plate springs and decided to live with it. The other thing I noticed was that it seemed that the synchros on first and second were completely gone now. If I tried to shift into first it would grind and so would second, but if I left the clutch in for 5 seconds or so it’d shift totally smoothly.

Anyways, I’d gotten in the habit of going from first to third at a light to avoid grinding anything and it was working fine, but while on the road today I found I could no longer physically shift into second, fourth, OR reverse, even if the car is stopped and the engine is off (even tried rolling the car back and forward a bit.

Any ideas from the experts?

sheared shift detent pin inside the trans is my guess… this would prevent moving the shift forks inside the trans, effectively leaving it wherever it was when it broke. Basically its a trans rebuild or replacement job you’re looking at.