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I live near a Summit Racing store that was recently built here in Ga. and I wanted to upgrade my ignition system. I had planned to get the MSd coilpack from Rob at zxtuner but I thought about it and it would more convinient to just pick it up a the Summit store. the problem is that they only sell the Accel coilpack for the ZX2. I was curious what other cars use the same coilpack as the ZX2 that I could search for. I tried the escort (4-door) still accel came up. Thanks for the help.

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Both coil packs, MSD and Accel, are acceptable replacement parts. They are not true upgrades. If someone says they are, then it neglagable.

you wont see a performance gain from just changing out the coil pack. infact the MSD is nearly a stock replacement (or so i’ve been told). Unless your going boost and changing the ignition system completely you may be wasting your money that you could spend on something else.

That being said… I have one. =)

we stock msd coils but summit racing sells the coil under part number MSD-8241

Thanks, thats exacty what I was looking for. I already have MSD 8.5mm spark plug wires. When I get the coil pack Ill probably upgrade the spark plugs. What do you guys think? Would I notce an improvement with othr bolt ons? If not then Im just preparing for future mods. :smiley:

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Like ironmarc said, its basicly a good replacment part, but not a true upgrade.

if you want a truely updated ignition system we sell a MSD kit…

now thats a truely preformance ignition system

what jayco said…

So basically what are all of the features of that MSD system that you sell Jayco? I always get confused when it comes to ignition systems.

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MSD DIS 2 Plus Ignition Module

Genuine MSD DIS-2 Performance Ignition Module with Two Step Soft Touch Rev Control, Step Retard, and LED Monitor features.

REALLY improves spark charcteristics. Expect a smoother idle, quicker throttle response, MORE horsepower, and even a little better gas mileage! The module is designed with a capacitive discharge to produce hotter, stronger, MULTIPLE sparks per power cycle. This improved spark helps burn the fuel mixture more efficiently resulting in a smooth idle and improved mid range rpm power. This is good insurance and should be mandatory for cars with high compression, forced induction and/or nitrous, as detonation from a weak spark will ruin your engine faster than you think. Has the unique Two Step Soft Touch Rev Control feature, giving you a lower RPM launch setting for super consistent holeshots, and a high RPM level to protect the engine from over-rev damage in the event of a missed shift or drive line failure. Limits are adjustable in 100 RPM increments. The soft touch circuitry randomly drops the spark to a cylinder then fires it on the next cycle to prevent it from loading up with fuel. Has the Step Retard setting, perfect for those running a shot of nitrous, where retarding the timing is important. Step Retard lets you select from 1-10 degrees of retard. LED Monitor will alert you of a weak or failing trigger signal or of low supply voltage which would hinder performance. Increased spark duration lasts for 20 degrees of crank rotation. The DIS2 module is also fully legal to sell and install in all 50 states. Works with most 12-18 volt negative ground electrical system on any 4 cylinder with one or two coil packs. Covered by MSD’s own patents. Comes with detailed instructions, extra-length wiring harness, weather tight connectors, hardware, tuning tool, MSD and CARB approved stickers, and warranty info. Fairly straight forward installation. You’ll need serious automotive knowledge and skill to do this properly. Module comes in MSD Red. Made in the USA.

Is the DIS 2 + ICM advisable or beneficial to a bolt-on equipped, N/A engine, and I already have the 8241, so, if so, just buy the ICM?

I hate the Accel coil pack , It gave my car a bad idle after a few months . The MSD brand is much better ~


That is a bit confusing.

“Fairly straight forward installation. You’ll need serious automotive knowledge and skill to do this properly.”

Well, is it easy or hard?


Is this coil pack from Jeg’s the same as the one zxtuner sells?

Yes it is.

That’s interesting, because it is cheaper, they also sell it at Summit, which just happens to be 30 min from where I live in Georgia. Yay for no shipping costs!