MPH calculator

Rough estimate with full bolt-ons, SCT and CAM w/ adj gear

from a take-off you average 4.4mph every 1,000rpm
each gear averages 30.8mph
theoretically you can do 154mph
realistically you will probally only hit 139mph

(these figures are at 7,000rpm shifts)

1st to 2nd = 30.8mph
2nd to 3rd = 61.6mph
3rd to 4th = 92.4mph
4th to 5th = 123.2mph

For those of you with a stock ZX2 with the factory 105mph speed limiter and 6,800rpm rev limiter. You still average 4.4mph every 1,000rpm, but you only average 30.2mph per gear. So, if you run it hard and shift just before rev limit in every gear (6,700rpm) you will never see 5th, you’ll only get half-way through 4th.

You got quite a bit done to you car already. I wonder what those numbers would be for a near stock zx2 with just bolt ons (no SCT, CAM Gears… etc).

My ATX can push harder than that.

1st - 35mph
2nd - 70mph
3rd - Speed limiter (101mph)
Overdrive - ???

Ok, so I have fewer gears and less accleration (not by much), but my final drive is better than the MTX.

Yep, my wifes ATX seems to have better gearing than my MTX aslo. When we cruise down the highway I’ll be at 3,000rpm at 70mph, she doesn’t see 3,000rpm until about 75mph, but her car doesn’t see anything beyond 105mph either. She barely sees the back of my bumper by the time I hit 100mph, I put atleast 10 car lengths between us through a rough 1/4 mile distance.

the top end is around 140mph ish i got clocked at 138mph and i had a little left in her so my best guess is about 140/ 145 top’s but i also have the Level 10 atx so maybe thats why i get those numbers idk

I was under the impression that Level Ten ony made the Transmission stronger, not change the gearing. Did they change the gearing for you?

No its the same gearing just beefier gears, but the atx is cappable of the speed just it has to get beefed up to handle the stress