Mountain Driving

Well I’ve had my ZX2 since April and I have yet to take it on a road trip really anywhere. So I decided last night that I need to go somewhere, so woke up this morning and hit the road to north GA. Left home and drove up to Blue Ridge, Ga up in the mountains and then made a run through the Chattahoochee National Forest towards Dahlonega, Ga. I was kinda hesitant about it going through the mountains and driving a stick shift but I was wrong. That by far was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Running through the gears on the curvy roads. I’ve never felt a car handle so great! Just kept on going taking each corner perfectly. Planning on making another run before too long just cause the view was nice and the roads better.

Roads through the park.

Just outside of the park sitting in Dahlonega.

what size rear swaybar do you have? a 19mm is enjoyable in the twisties

To be honest, not really sure, its whatever comes with the S/R package. It felt pretty tight in the corners

if it’s still stock you have a 13mm bar, I can bend it with my hands and I’m not a stocky guy. Try a 19 to shore things up w/o becoming too tight

Might try that sometime here in the future. I’m gonna make another run up through the mountains on a couple other roads that I heard were tighter then what I went on. Then I might upgrade it. But this is probably the most driving like that that I’ve done since owning the car

For any twisty driving, the rear sway bar upgrade, 19 or 21 is the best bang for buck on our cars far as I’m concerned. I picked my 21 up for $40 shipped and love it.

Driving Palomar mountain here in so cal is a blast.

First time I did it was with the stocker, and it was fun.

Second time, w/ the 21 was FUN, and my friend who generally goes along of these runs, sometimes has motion sickness - no problem, even though the corner were coming and going quicker, cause the car wasn’t swaying, just nice and flat.

BTW nice, clean S/R.

Nice man makes me want to go for a drive in the sticks!

Sounds like fun. Do the sway bar and it’s night and day. Glad your having fun with the car. Mine is in storage :frowning:

I’ll admit that i am truly jealous. I had a chance to buy an S/R not long ago. Unfortunately it wasn’t well taken care of, so i got my 944 instead.

What a fabulous car. I’m glad to see another zx2 owner having so much fun. I still sneak the zx2 out when i can and have fun with it (don’t tell my 944 that, or it’ll think i’m cheating on it).

Thanks for sharing your trip my friend! Such great cars. You really can’t hate enjoying the twisties, getting good mileage, and having a good looking car to do it all in. Ford really had it going for these cars eh?

A car that so many underestimate, and only a few truly understand :slight_smile: Truly a great car.

I’m sure the 944 would understand if ya took out for a little ride. Not like you’re going to neglect it and all. But I will admit when I saw the ZX2s I wasn’t really fond of them and almost turned away getting the one I have just cause it was something I didn’t really see myself driving. But now that I got it, I want to take it everywhere. Especially the mountains again after this trip.

But I feel ya on the cheating bit lol. Before to long my ZX2 is gonna think the same way cause I’ve been driving the Civic more here in the past couple weeks. But that’s about to change again once it goes in for some surgery.