120K miles and now due to my heavy right foot on heavy acceleration from stop my front wheel brutally hops causing header to crack, so i realized i need new front motor mounts. ordered energy susp. 4 pc. insert kit but when i bought new mounts (motor& tranny) there were only three shown for my mtx app (two motor and one ranny.) (98 zx2 dohc o.e.5 spd) so has anyone replaced theirs yet or added the inserts who could shed some light. i’m confused cause the e/s kit is 4 pcs., and i only have three mounts in hand- federated auto parts p/n 2843,2651,2912 i haven’t received the e/s kit yet.

I believe theres 2 on either side of the tranny and the motor for a total of 4 motor mounts. They may not include the rear tranny mount as that Is the hardest to get to and almost requires removal of the engine to get the bushings and mounts put back in.

thanks, Ironmark i actually just got the inserts put in the mounts. it seems the torque only app. says something. the inserts are for the front motor& tranny mounts. i’m gonna replace the rear motor mount at the same time for Justin Case. i’ll let everyone know if i see great improvement after install. my biggest hope is to cease the G.D. wheel slapping the pavement. tell me what you think about filling the voids in the rear mount with something pliable like silicone sealer to firm that location up a little as well. its just a crazy brainstorm after seeing the function of the E/S inserts. let me know.