I just wanted to say that frozen dead guy ale is GReATTTTT! WHOO! HAR HAR I AM A PIRATE!

I really think that honda should make a ROCKET SHIP and make the zx 2 a jd power sociate awarded rocket ship. Needs some rockets to make the thingy completed though.

That ist all for tonigh yep! yep yep.


Umm… you were wasted. :smiley:

Uhhhh yeah… i need to have someone take my keys when i drink before someone lets me drive drunk on the information super highway. Sorry about that.

LOL I could care less. Rather have you posting in here than driving :stuck_out_tongue: lol Its all good. We need some more random posts.


I agree with Chris. Definetly better to post on the forums than be driving around and end up getting yourself killed.
Plus it was very humerous to read :lol: