Most streetable

Which is the most streetable sway bar(not necessarily the best), 19mm or 22mm?
Please try to explain why also.

i had a 21 mm rear seemed a bit over kill and a lil stiff, i perfer the 19 mm bar but thats just me…

Thank you.

not a problem i have some 19mm forsale but before you buy make sure you get more than my opinion on the 21mm rear bar…

The limits will probably be too high for the street anyway… Used to eat up Evos with my Bonneville. :smiley:

I have a 21mm sway bar on my car now. I like it better then the 19mm I had. The rear end feels more solid. I also used the ES bushing mounts but I had to modify them before I could use them.

Two or three wheels? :evil:
I managed two once in a Taurus but crapped my pants and hit the curb… No one saw it though. :oops:

I would say purchase the 19mm and see how you like it. If you do but want stiffer, purchase a stiffer sway bar. This isn’t an item that will break the bank like a S/C or Turbo. If you do like something stiffer you can sell the old one and someone will give you a good price on it because they don’t really wear out.

Personally, a 19mm sway bar works for me. I live in Buffalo and we have alot of potholes and bumps where as Ironmark has hills and roads that are pretty well mantained. So his 21mm works well for him.

Thanks… Pot holes, bumps, hills, dirt, mountains… It’s a broad ranged of driving conditions down here.

let me know if you need a 19mm bar…

Yeah, I understand it’s an option for your disc conversion. :wink:

ill sell separate