More weight reduction...

Simple 10 minute weight reduction… I did this today. I’m starting to shave more weight off the car, I’ll post more how-to later but someone on teamzx2 talked about this and I thought “heh, why not” so here’s how to do it. I call it the “Ford sucks at making glove boxes” weight reduction.

Apparently Ford sticks this bigass piece of sheet metal in your glove box. You’re probably wondering “Well WTF, why would you want metal in your glove box that weighs almost 5 lbs?” here’s why, have you ever opened your glove box and noticed how well it stays down? Or how well it opens? It goes “click for open bump bump bump” and stays down, its WEIGHTED. Well, if you remove this piece of sheet metal you will lose about 3-5 lbs on the “Ford sucks at making glove boxes” weight loss program.

So I’ll walk you through.

  1. Open your glovebox, not too hard.
  2. Using your hands, each side of the glove box has 2 “prongs” if you will, or “tabs” that hook behind the glove box and behind the dash, push these in from each side, once pushed in pull the glove box down. When you do this, all of your crap will fall out of the glovebox if you are like me, and the glovebox will expose a “hinge” behind it that holds it in.
  3. Using a philips screwdriver take out the 3 screws that hold the hinge bracket off that are holding the glove box.
  4. Take off the glovebox…
  5. Remove the 8 screws on all the sides and in the center of the glovebox to seperate the face of the glovebox from the plastic bucket/box itself.
  6. You’ll see an ugly piece of metal with foam now and it’s fairly heavy… now you’re going “WTF how do i get that off, its welded on there!”

NO IT ISN’T! Those “weld spots” are PLASTIC!
Using a flathead screwdriver and a screwdriver pick I was able to break the plastic bindings from the face of the glovebox sheet metal and pry it loose with my bare hands.

See images

As you can see, bigass piece of metal.

Metal after the “plastic points” were removed and seperated.

Now the easy part.

  1. Put your glovebox back together using the 8 screws again
  2. Screw the glovebox back onto it’s hinge using the 3 screws that held it there.
  3. Push in the “prongs” or the “tabs” and rest the glovebox, make sure it fits okay.
  4. Close your glovebox and enjoy 3-5 less lbs of weight.

Anyway, as I said, I’m doing a bit more weight reduction later, taking pictures as I go. Will post most pics later, there’s more to come. Just thought I’d show an easy mod.

Just follow my 10 easy steps and in 10 minutes you can lose 5 lbs! :lol:

Definitly seems easier than me losing 3-5 pounds. lol

LMAO!! :lol:


lol. Nice thanks for the write up Koi!

lol. nice tip

Just go to the bathroom and force something out that will lose some lbs.

Time to take some diuretic.

Chug, chug, chug… :oops:…I don’t feel so good… :shock:…“get out of the bathroom.”… :evil:…awhhh… :smiley:…"Much better. 1 pound down, 2 to go. Go? :shock: Again already!?!

ROFLMAO!! That is so gross, but at the same time really funny!!


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