Modified ZX2 for sale

parted out!

well i cant promise nothin but i’ll check it out if you still have it when my settlement check comes in. you still live in akron? that would be ok for me to drive out there cause your not that far from me.

well, let me know what happens. Peace

does the car need anything i mean anything. the black protege that i bought from this guy he said nothing was wrong with that but i have already spent over 1000 in parts and alot of my time fixing things i dont want to get f’d again cause this protege still needs more work.and some interior and engine pics would be nice. you can send pics to my email thanks

No, my dad works at a dealer, so as soon as there’s a problem, he’s all over it :smiley: you can check out pics at

as soon as i get my settlement i would like to meet you to look at the car

sure, no problem, when are you planning on getting the settlement?

my lawyer has thown them an offer and they counteroffered but my lawyer isn’t satisfied with it and neither am i so i dont know how long it will be. i hope within the next month we can get to some agreement. if you sell the car before i can get the settlement that thats cool. my loss.