mmmmmmmmmmmm CHROME!

HELLO ALL! thought that would get your attention! (anything with chrome in it stands out to me!) Anyways those of you who don’t know me, I am from the old old site haha…Well I have been extremly busy lately starting up my career and such and I havent been able to get on and say hi! Some more exciting news…ok so I don’t have a ZX2, but my car is pretty at least…I got some new shoes on her! oh yes the stratus now has some nice 18" Chrome Casino’s on her…I’ve got some up-to-date photos as recent as last weekend of ME and the RIDE…she is gettin there guys! slow but sure she will be that of “shearstyle” status! since my car sucks in the aspect of engine mods…yeah there are none! I will be just goin for looks…she will be a show car yet! Let me know what you think I should do to her! and I bet first thing you will notice that sticks out like a sore thumb…exhaust…and that is a definate yes this spring it will have exhaust first thing! soooooo let me know check the pics out! Hope everyone is doing well!
Have a good day! :slight_smile:

ok so this is sweet…I wasnt even driving my car and I got a ticket…another…ticket for my window tint! well I guesss that will be coming off…:frowning: stupid cops suck! I am so ticked!..sorry had to vent…

Dude, cops up there suck! Is your tint illegal? Also…what ever happened with that kid that got jacked by the cop when I was up there?

  • Daron

Did you get ticketed for the same tint that you had on your car when Darron and me were there visiting? If so that is super stupid!!!


What % is your tint??? 10 or 5 or 2.5? Man It crazy around here, there are all these “tuners” that have like 5% tint on front and 2.5% on the back windows. I just wonder why they get ticketed. Especially b/c there are all these SUVs w/ dark tint, cant even see in them.

I know, it’s super gay. The law in NY states that you can have whatever tint you want on the rear window so long as you have both side mirrors. On a 4 door vehicle tints can be placed on the back 2 door, but NOT passanger and driver side windows.

They want to be able to see your hands and inside the vehicle for weapons. So let me understand, there is no way for a person to have an gun in the back seat? The law is flawed basied on the reasons for having it.

Either say you can have tints or you can’t, you know? Have a clean cut law. I got a ticket for tints. He asked me why I had them and I said glare. These tints you could see through, 30% light could pass through. He said I had to have a Doctor’s note. I said “for glare? I don’t need a doctor to tell me there is glare.” What a BS law.

I need to correct you mirror…

its 70% on the sides, any % on the rear…


Cops will harras you if you ahve stickers nad tinting on the rear window. My friend Bob, had to remove his dodge sticker from his rear window because of a ticket he got for his tinting.


Yeah, your cops stink. I was up there last year for the show and got pulled over for a light noise violation. (Spun my tires while doing a U-turn for a “short lap” right infront of an unmarked. And since I had all my neon lights on he got me outta the car and walked around and tried to give me crap about the tint on the windshield (on it when I got the car) and then tried to tell me that the windshield itself wasn’t freaking factory! What a douche! :wink:

  • Darron


I got pulled over for just this reason. Any percentage on the back, as long as you have both side mirrors. You could have cardboard for a rear window and it doesn’t matter. You sticker issue on the back of your car, you should never have happened. I know because I went over the law with the judge and pointed out that the officer incorrectly read the law.

70% is factory. BUT if you have a 4 door, the back 2 doors can also have any tinting you wish. But don’t take my word for it, check out the law at the libary.

Welcome back Mariah…haven’t heard from you in awhile, was starting to wonder if you were ignoring me. Cause’ it’s cool if you were/are…

Well that sucks, I wanted to completly take off my mirrors and make a fiberglass cap to cover the triangle where the mirrors go! DONT THINK IM KIDDING EITHER CAUSE IM NOT.

lol! that would be kinda cool for a show day kinda of thing, pop out the mirrors, put on covers for the show, whne show is over, pop the mirrors back in.


Yea, my friend is missing a mirror on his car and I got to thinking how much better it looked on that side, then I see Chip Fooses’ Overhaulin on TLC and one of his “trademarks” is shaving the mirrors. I think it looks sweet not having anything pretrudes out and away from the body of the car. After I get my body kit, im going to shave off the antenna and hide a smaller one somewhere, and also shave of the little lip on the gas tank cover so the side is nice and smooth. If the “pop door” kits didnt cost so much I would get one of them and shave the door handels.

Maybe you can get one of those antennas that is built into the rear window.

Hey guys thanks for your comments! I think it too is a bogas law, but what the hell do you do about it. I am going to try to get a doctor’s not for eye sensativity since my friend did that…lol its not a total bogas thing either since i get migranes from my eyes overworking- aka the sun at about 7-8 oclock when i come home from work! so yeah anyways my tint has read at two different things, first time it was 14.1% all around this time it was 12.1%…dont get that ? I didnt make it darker or anything…so yeah i dunno i think its BS when these huge ass trucks run around with it and never even get looked at! DUMB! ARG! and yes Miranda its the same tint as when you were up! Oh and darron…yeah I dunno tim and chris got trespassing tickets from that same cop that next weekend! so that is lame as hell. glad I wasnt there I think I would have pissed my pants! lol that cop was a dick! so yeah thats about it! ttyl!

found this at, it is the tinting laws for all states, … 0Chart.htm


Is there anyway you could put that information on the window tinting in your site as a reference for laws? Perhaps as we stumble upon laws, we could post them with documetation so we can fight back when in court. Thanks for the consideration.

Thats a great idea, Chris get in here now. But yea that would be cool to have a law reference area.

haha good thing that i already knew what the law was lol…they make you read this thing before you get them done if it is illegal, so that you know what you are doing etc. then you have to sign it so they dont get in trouble…oh well guess I just didnt care that much LOL

Guess what, Cop just pulled me over for my tint today heading home from school. I have 5 days to take it off or Im getting fined. I have 20% on the front (just re-did 3 days ago) and 5% on the back side windows. THIS SUCKS BALLS. Have you ever taken tint off, IT SUCKS, THE ACTUAL COLORING STICKS TO THE WINDOW AND YOU HAVE TO SPRAY IT W/ CHEMICALS AND SCRAPE IT OFF W/ A RAZOR BLADE. Just to say the least, IM PISSED.