belive it or not guys!!!

Oh…I knew that.

Jaguar looks with a Mazda engine. Protégé have the same engine just called something different.

Ford took the one car that was fuel-efficient and had good looks and flushed it down the toilet. But you know the Escort will be resurrected in about 5-10 years.

Really? I’ll be there 4 1

This whole focus thing is not going to last long, you can bet the farm on this one. Now if they actually come out with another escort? Who knows… The focus is not even half the car the escort was. Just my personal opinion. The focus is over weight, and under powered. Well anyways hopefully they bring back the escort soon :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Oh…the Escort will be back and the Focus has reached its limit and Ford realized that, hence the Fusion.

It would be amazing if Ford hooked back up with Cosworth. I want 2.0L Turbo with amazing cornering and not overly controled by the computer.

I’m starting to just sort of hate ford’s new look for cars but maybe it’s just me.

I'm starting to just sort of hate ford's new look for cars but maybe it's just me.

What about the new Reflex?

Grant it, it is a concept car and not all concepts make it. I like the way the reflex looks, just wish it was given a bigger engine.

Reflex has the style of Z’s lines reloaded, looks so nice.

Back resembles the 350z a bit, too fat, wheels look way too big for it, looks like its smiling with vader teeth, mirrors are tiny, lights look funky, curves on the back fender look like a snail shell, I don’t like it. Ford is trying TOO hard.

Well if Focus’ keep selling as well as they do I doubt Ford will be getting rid of them anytime soon. I too am sad that they stopped making the Z:( God only knows what Ford is going to do as far as bringing it back or not.
The Fusion is doing really well also. I personally am still not sure what to think about them.
It seems to me that Ford is more trying to go more luxery than sporty. Of course they still have the Mustang and all but as much as I love the car its still not quite the same. Hopefully someday soon they will realize what fools they were for discontinuing the escort.


Why would Ford go more Luxury? They already have Lincoln, Mercury, and Volvo. Ford is to Lincoln as Nissan is to Infinity.

Ford should be building econo sports cars and SUVs.

because they are losing money in their other markets…

I read an article about Bill Ford and how he plans on combating the foreign car market. Theres just too much money being lost to them on the small compact cars for ford to continue to support them.

That’s because the quality has always been PAR. Honda has beaten Ford and almost every other company with their Civic. Toyota is making a come back into that market with their Scions and Camerys. Hell, even Chevy has bounce back into the market with their new Cobalt. Nissan has always been about performance and they aren’t doing so bad. So what is it about Ford so different? To me, it would have to be the quality. The quality has always been PAR.

Just think of all the recalls Ford has done recently. I have only heard of one recall for the Escort and it had to do with the headlamp moisture. But the Focus has had approximately 7 recalls. The other half is the quality. Civics are known for their engines. You can go through 3 bodies before needing major work on the engine (if stock). Toyota can say the same, Ford can not.

Now I love my Escort; its one of their better vehicles, but as it was shown earlier, it wasn’t designed strictly by Ford.

If there are any other theories or opinions, please share.

yeah hopefully Ford will figure out they DONT HAVE a true SPORT COMPACT the Focus is a compact not a Sport com. All the other major car makers have someform of Sport com. of a existing modle car exept Ford. Theres nothing like the Neon SRT-4 , Colbalt SS, Dodge Caliber R/T, Civic SI, Tiburon GT, Celica GT-S, Pontiac G6 GTP,. The list goes on and on Ford isn’t anywhere in the picture . Yes mainly younger car buyers purchas those cars.
One dat those younger buyers will get older and start to look at Fusions and 500’s but Ford will not be a thought in there minds because they will have purchased other brands and will try to stay with a certan car maker leaving Ford wondering Why.When Where, did our comsumers go?


I agree that it definetly was not a smart thing for Ford to get rid of their only sport compact. Doesn’t seem like they are really trying to touch base with the younger consumers anymore. In my opinion the young ones are pretty important to reach. Ford is a great place to come if you want a truck. The F150s sell like hot cakes. It doesn’t seem like there is too many major problems with them, at least not here at Mathews.
I personally don’t think that I would buy any new Ford that is currently out. Unless I could all of a sudden afford a Mustang :twisted:
If I would of known for certain that I could afford the payments I would have gone with a new cobalt. I love my Z alot though. It treats me good:)
Keep posting opinions guys. Its interesting to see everyones views on the subject.


No they didn’t.

The FS engine use by Mazda is the same as the Zeta engine by Ford. Though there are some changes here and there, which is expected, it is inherently the same engine. It was produced, along with other cars and engines, in a joint effort through the AutoAlliance International (AAI)

I’m in the process of getting another car. I really want another ZX2, but since they’re not made anymore, I think I’m going with a Cobalt SS or a SRT-4 Caliber when they come out.

As for the Focus and recalls- I used to have a Focus. I’m still getting recall papers for it, and I think I’m up to 20. And it’s for the craziest stuff. Something with the b-pillar was messed up… something with the back shocks is wrong and can blow out your tire… the electrical system might go out for no apparent reason… When I took my Focus in to get it’s 12th recall fixed, I told them to keep the thing. My Z has had ONE recall. Technically, it wasn’t even really a recall- my car is white. It was painted directly behind the burnt orange ones. So when you look at my car in good light, it’s white with metallic burnt orange flakes in it. It’s actually a pretty cool look, but I’m not a fan of orange.

And just to be random- Has anyone thought of doing some kind of campaign thing to Ford about bringing the ZX2 back? Like Honda has that whole “Civic Nation” thing where in the commericals they show all these modified Civics. Has anyone made a video of a ton of modified ZX2s and showed Ford and gone “Look, we’re just as good”? Ford never really cared for the Focus as a spo-com anyway- it was their Rallye car. Ford looks at the ZX2 they way that Honda originally looked at the Civic. An econo box with some nice styling, but ultimately going nowhere. I think the Z is going to turn into like the 240SX. Ten years later, it’s popular. With the drifting craze, Nissan is probably kicking themselves that they stopped making the 240.

I have a buddy with an FS… I’ll definatley have to look into that.
Good call, bro.