Were all ZX2’s made or asembled in mexico?

I don’t believe so…

Why, did yours have a sombrero under the valve cover?

After I bought mine I drove down the street and ordered an “El Nino” burrito from Mighty Toco. Does that count?

Mine just has some stickers on it saying were it was assembled thats all…No sombreros on the valve cover, but the exhaust does smell like taco bell/corona farts. ha ha

Corona farts? LMAO never heard that one before, good stuff.

Ford has everything assembled everywhere so these cars are probably very much a racial mutt of parts.

For has an assembly plan in the twin cities here. They only do Rangers. They had huge layoffs there, now they are trying to change that plan into flex fuel only plant. Thanks alot KoiHoshi

  • I meant Ford, not For

I meant no insult. I simply mean that i’ve seen all kinds of parts on the car that say “assembled in mexico” other that say “assembled in china” and other parts that say “made in japan” and then “made in usa”, meant no ding, dent or insult towards people of different races. I simply meant that the car seems to be made a little bit of everywhere from what I’ve seen on some of Ford’s cars. No insults made towards people of any race there buddy. I am not a racist person.

BTW - For some reason I can’t see this flex fuel thing taking off anytime soon. If the rumors of this colorado oil thing are true… and refineries go up, it’ll just be an alternative and gas will be down…

but hey who knows.

Zx2s were made in Hermosillo, Mexico.
I don’t know if the engines were assembled there, though.

quite frankly im surprised that Pich didnt comment… dude are you holdin out??

Speaking of the “corona fart” smell (never would have thought of puttin it that way… props man) when my car gets up to 80 in a hurry( or as big of a hurry as a Z does) it gives off an odd smell… what is this? ( sorry for thread jack )

I always thought that was the catalytic converter burning or somthin. Otherwise no idea, but I do know what smell you are talking about.

That smell is telling you to purchase a vented hood and better cooling fan.

im glad i wasnt the only one experiencing this.

I was told by a mechanic buddy that the smell is just the cat getting really hot in a hurry and burning off the baddies inside that it is supposed to be holding on to. cloroflorocarbons and stuff that harms the enviroment. By the way KoiHoshi, I knew exactly what you meant about " mutt of parts" don’t worry about it- no harm no foul.

Well, you’re right this great Ford car was assembled in Mexico, but the S/R was made just for US market

yeah but you already got rear discs!!! we got drums… cept for S/R

right…Ford mysteries…

The ZX2 came from Hermosillo Assembly & Stamping Plant Mexico .

Engines where from Cologne Engine Germany , Chihuahua Engine Mexico(parts from Colonge Engine)

Transmissions where from Cologne Transmission Germany , Halewood Transmission GB . Transmission Plants are Ford/Getrag .

When you take apart a Zetec , you’ll notice a lot of the pieces have " Made in Germany" on them .

quick ID-

this is for any car, 1980 & up.

the very first digit of the VIN is the country of origin 9where it was built

1- USA
2- Canadia
3- Mejico
4- i forgot where

off the top of my head-

J- Japan
K- Korea

theres a list somewhere but im too lazy to look at it.

As you know Ford Motor company has a group of another quality world wide companies.

Some of this great brands share them experience to design a hot machine called ZX2:

Jaguar- exterior design

Mazda- engine, transmission

& Ford interiors and the rest.

look and make your own opinion: