merry christmas

i thaught i would just start the post
Have a safe and happy holiday to you and yours
from me and mine

hope santa is good to everyone

merry christmas and happy haunukka ( in case anyone else other then me is a jew) be safe with your travels

Merry Christmas dawgs! Do a burn out for me in your Z’s since mine’s laid up for the winter and my truck doesn’t have the guts to spin the tires. lol

  • Darron

(Happy Haunukka HKS)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :smiley: Hope everyone stays safe and gets lots of presents!! And like Darron says “Do a burn out…” You know you want to!! :twisted:


Merry christmas.


its getting on my nerves this “happy holidays” thing its christmas

and happy haunukka to u hkszx2 spin the dradel once 4 me :wink:

In all fairness I use Happy Holidays until I know what a person celebrates. After that, I wish the appropirate holidal season, cuz wishing the appropriate one is the most respectful one can be to someone else.


I honestly don’t care, if someone doesn’t like merry christmas when i say it they can kiss my @$$. Honestly, I have freedom of speech and if Merry Christmas bugs them then they can cover their ears. People didn’t start whining till this whole “I’m gonna sue you!” “NO I’m gonna sue YOU!” crap got started.

:shock: That's the Christmas Spirit!

Does that really happen? Jeze. Another way I look at it is if someone has a probelm with me saying “Merry Christmas” I just ask “What, you don’t want me to wish good health and family blessings on you?”

:) hahahaha sorry to sound mean, it just bugs me that people are being that way.

its cool i just like to play the jew card we celebrate both at my house but its mostly xmas all we do for hannuka is liek the menohora ( i cant and i can only spin the dradle not the tires cuz my jeep is full time 4wd but it will do some awesome 4wd doughnuts in snow

Well, what I was referring to is the people who are trying to remove anything to deal with the word “Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” from the entire english vocabulary from the legal system because they find it “Intrusive” and “Offensive”.

I’m not trying to offend anyone, I simply think that it’s stupid to try and restrict other people’s freedom of speech. I never get offended when someone says “Happy hannukah (can’t spell the word)” or “happy holidays” or “Merry christmas” and if it did i still wouldn’t take it to court to try to BAN it, good god it’s rediculous. Those people should be slapped. Freedom of speech is one of the BEST THINGS about this nation.

well back to the ORIGIONAL purpose of this post


Everyone be safe!! And remember, always pull out! :wink:


ooppss mistake iown? lol!

I know your a proud papa! maybe a little broke for a while, but proud!

anyway have a Happy Holidays! And forget the Political BS.

I know what you mean HKS…I can only get my S-10 to chirp…and that’s by being on snow/ice and then hitting a patch of dry pavement. lol Oh well, I just put on 4 new tires that cost $50 more the the truck itself did, so it’s probably better that I can’t. :slight_smile:

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MERRY CHRISTMAS! (BTW…you guys can get me pics of your burnouts for me for Christmas. :wink:

Merry Christmas to everyone from Me and ZXtuner79 here is a christmas picture of our girls Rebeccah and Hailey :smiley:

Zx2angel your girls are soo cute!! :smiley:


Merry Christmas all!

Yea, Miranda is right on that one, your girls are cute zx2angel.