Manda is finally figuring it out....

So i did nothing but give hints the whole way over. had her drive the WHOLE way from our house to my parents house all on my own. She killed it twice, no biggie, kept her calm and is slowly figuring out how to drive a stick :slight_smile: I told her i’d drive on the way back but just wanted to drive the ZX2 cause it’d been a while :lol:

And tonight is another lesson…


Its good for her. The more she gets to drive it the more she will feel comfortable behind it. When she gets good maybe she can get it up to 6k and start shifting muahhhaha feeling the power unleash

Hey i’m the one who will have to replace the transmission! Don’t be teaching her bad habits :lol:

I tried 5 speed for the first time saturday in doug’s sr, with a fiddy. It was a stallfest :?

That was awesome. :lol:

Fiddys are fun to drive with.

You’ll get use to it mellow just takes time and you get a huge feel.

Try a dsm with the highest ACT clutch you can get. You have to rev it to 2.25k roughly before you can slip it or it’ll kill.

As of today, I might have to take it to work without one more lesson. My car battery died today at my work’s parking lot…

Thank God the zx2 is a (way) newer car!

How old is the other car? You’ll soon love driving that beast. Does the A/C still work on the z?

A/C works fine, I just never used it (I hate AC). However ever since i installed my stereo system the fan never worked for the heater :-/

ohh that’s a easy one. The connector on the back of that kit(were cd player sits in) has those connectors. I bet one of the connectors pop’d out. They can be a pain sometimes I know that’s for sure. Other wise trace the wiring back and see whats wrong with it.

Ah that makes sense. I’ll pull the stereo out sometime and take a look. Is it the big connector with 5 million wires on it?

Yep there are three big plug in’s in the back. They have a good amount of wires going to each. Every time you pull it out they pop out some of them…so you have to squeeze your hand carefully just before you push it flush in there to make sure it doesn’t come off

^that happened when I did my interior swap last summer

Going to check that when I have time. Great info, THANK YOU. Do we have a THANK YOU button here? We need one.

lol no problem buddy. Don’t need to thank me…this is what I am here for and well you too :wink:

yeah…for the record, Derek FINALLY fixed the fan on the car for me. Took him what…5 months? haha

But that heater works so well now! :lol: