MAF problems- info please

O.K., so i got the 60mm MAF from a 98 SHO to compensate for 19# injectors. now that the velocity(through the maf) is reduced the computer’s not reading the air flow correct. I contacted a guy at JEGS that does flashing,but he doesn’t have the binary code for my EEC (MTA7) so he gives me the number of this guy Don Lesoto who claims to be an instructor for dyno-tuning (btw anybody heard of him?) he says he does tuning for TEAMZX2 here in Ohio. Anyway he’s trying to convince me to purchase a superchip to solve the problem, but I don’t have all my hardware (parts) installed that I intended on having before “tuning” So I’m running REALLY rich (about 20%) I’ve had three or four techs telling me different stuff (including IDUNNO) so the FORD tech tells me he can’t program my car to read another car’s MAF, but i can put the o.e. maf back on and change the a/f mix in the computer with that . Does this sound right? I thought the idea was to reduce airflow restriction OMG btw I took the actual sensor itself out of my o.e. maf and it fit perfect w/ the SHO maf body. i did this 'cause the connectors were different.maybe I’m doin the damn thing all wrong. IDUNNO) Could someone point me in the right direction? with gas prices these days (thanks W:evil:) running rich means running broke$ :roll:

You can go ahead and get the Super Chip now. Won’t hurt anything. Diablo chips are more agressive though, so if you’re not worried about emission checks, go that way. I like mine (minus the whole premium thing). That’s the other thing about the SC, you’ll probably have to run premium. But the stock MAF, to my knowledge, will suffice for your upgraded injectors.

Another option is find a way for the SHO sensor to connect to your ZX2 harness. That sensor is configured for that MAF, ours isn’t…hence it being a different MAF. :slight_smile:

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Ok…I did this Mod and this is what you need to know.

Now that there isn’t as much (measurable) air flowing through it the voltage is lower. It’s good that you realized that.

Option 1
As for the Superchip. Yes you could get one to modify your ECU, but if it isn’t tuned correctly, it may not work. Then you would have to send it back to get reflashed and try again. This is the cheaper option.

Option 2
You could pay the extra money and buy a SCTx2. With this handy little tuner, you could modify the ECU and try a multitude of combinations. This will save you time, but will cost you more.

Option 3
You could get the Diablo chip which is much like the Superchip but more aggressive tuning. It does cost more than the Superchip but cheaper than the SCTx2. Honestly I don’t know enough about the Diablo’s tuning so you might want to ask someone else.

Option 4
Now the cheapest option of them all…Put your stock MAF back in. This is by far the cheapest and most effective at this point unless you want to unload a boat full of cash. Result with the 19# injectors is a better top end. You won’t hit that wall of air at 70 mph anymore.

Funny thing, I thought ZX2’s were stock with 19# injectors.

They are, but they don’t atomize the fuel the same as the Mustang Injectors.

yeah, a tech i talked to today says put the o.e maf back on and he can work with that on the a/f mix. so that’s that. he also suggested installing the low temp. therm. and fan switch and disconnect pot on ect. he said that’s only dumpin even more fuel in. damn i guess the old saying about the cart before the horse is right. i wish i had known there was an order to the mods that i’ve done and intend ondoing.i know i know goddamn noobs- huh? i checked out the sct x2 and it’s another on my santa list, now! lotta dough for that one. this crap ain’t cheap i gotta go rob fort knox if i’m gonna keep this up!BOB ( ballinonabudget) somebody tell my wife it’s all worth it, please! thanks for settin me straight again, y’all!