Looking for members that want a Quaife LSD for their ZX2

Taking orders for a New Quaife LSD for our G5M transmission in our 98 and up Escort ZX2’s. Cost 956.00 Each for the first 30 units, or 697.00 if we can buy 100.00.

well you can figure it out heres the email i got form Quaife.

Hello Jay,
Sorry for the small delay.
Your cost per unit for a 30 unit order will be $956.00 each.
If you could order 100 pieces the cost would go down to $697.00. We could
probably deliver in batches of 50 pieces.
As for the retail price, we leave that to you, as we do not have any other
Please let me know if you want to proceed with the project.
Also confirm if you will send the differential and flanges.
I look forward to your reply.
Rafael Santiago.
Quaife America.

Another Jayco first…

So if you want one email me at jay-r@jaycoautomotive.com