LED Tail Lights and signal flashers

Everything that I read about LED tail light replacements (especially the Luxon LEDs - way brighter than stock bulbs) makes me want to get them except for the part where they flash twice as fast unless you put a resistor inline with them. They sell Turn signal flasher units that dont have a minimum load requirement. But not for the ZX2 as far as I can see. The turn signal flasher unit in the ZX2 is a 12 pin unit. It looks like two EP-27’s side by side.

I cannot find a schematic for it anywhere. Letalone a pinout to tell me how to adapt existing aftermarket turn signal flashers that dont have the minimum load.

I refuse to cut wiring to splice in a resistor. If I could find info on the zx2 flasher unit I could simply modify the unit to remove the minimum load.

Has anyone already tackled this one or have some usefull information?

does it really matter that they flash faster?

does it really matter that they flash faster?

Attracts unwanted attention from the boys in blue


Attracts unwanted attention from the boys in blue

See, I hate that. There are other cars on the road that have LED rear tail lights such as Chrysler. I don’t think you would get in much trouble making an LED rear tail light, but it could happen.

here if the blinker still works then it doesnt really matter how fast it is…so the boys in blue can kiss my ass lol

A fast blinking blinker is an indication of a light out on that circuit. A cop can pull you over and issue an equipment violation if they see you. Most probably wont for something so minor, but there is the occasional cop that would just to issue a ticket. damn quotas.

yeah but if none of my blinkers are out…the cop can kiss my ass :sunglasses:

why deal with the hassel if you dont have to?

Agreed. Unwanted hassle is bad. That why we dont intentionally drive rice and dont let friends drive rice if possible.

A simple blinker circuit without minimum voltage draw requirements will allow any zx2 to use energy effecient luxeon bulbs in their tail lights and turn signals. zx2’s use the same blinker circuit as zx3’s and zx4’s. I am sure that someone with a zx3 or 4 must have tackled this issue by now.

the fast blinker doesnt bother me much…and i dont consider it rice…now a big aluminum wing …thats rice to me.

Aluminum wings are the most retarded thing you could do to a FWD car. Now if you are RWD and pushing over 300Whp then I can understand it.

But on the blinker note. http://www.Lightlense.com is one of THE BEST places to get L.E.D. light conversions. and they are extremely well priced.

Site is no more. They relocate?

I think the link was simply misspelled/typo’d


Wings on FWD vehicles can help. I’m not talking about the whale tails that most people put on. A good wing can help keep your rear end planted. The drag from it would act like the quills on an arrow, keeping your car straight and true.

Also consider that the more weight reduction you do, the more unstable a car becomes at higher speeds. Air flowing over the car can start your car wobbling. Perhaps a car cuts you off at high speeds changing the air flow over your vehicle, that and you touching your brakes can have serious consequences.

I’m no Aerospace Engineer and can’t confirm this, but it makes some sense. So for now take my advice with a grain of salt until someone else can confirm it with their experience.

I was thinking more along the lines of a wing slightly lifting the rear for a FWD car, to keep the drive train wheels planted. But again, not so much that all the weight comes off the rear.

i saw at autozone they had this kit next to the led bulbs that is a big resistor that stops the hyper blinker, any one ever try?

How right you are. I make a 1/2 hour commute into10-15 mins. everyday. I have a complete rear weight reduction w/ a low profile alum. wing (replaced TALL ASS upright supports). I removed my wing for short time<and one morning some assho- guy closes the gap I’m shooting for and I cut the lane, rear end broke grip<and I flew through the median grass. I have noticed alot less squirrelly feel with it back on above 90- 100 MPH!
sorry ‘bout the thread jack, but tired of people hatin’ on FUNCTIONAL spoilers!
BTW the supercharged, 1100 whp, 8 second 1/4mi 66 mustang (rwd) that I may be able to run this summer does not have a wing!

I installed new led bulbs for my taillights and share the same problem with them blinking at a fast rate. I bought resistors and they worked when we installed them on the taillight on the right side but when it came down to installing the resistor on the left side, all the lights started blinking. The right side taillights and also the third brake light. Would i need to replace the flasher unit…Any body please update me on anything they know please…thanks