Katie totally embarassed the DMV lady today.

So Katie had quite a story for the DMV today. As a part of her wedding present I bought her a 1988 Kawasaki Ninja 250 so she could restore it (some of you may remember that thread) because she wanted a bike to wrench on.

Well, she has said for 3 months now “I’ll go transfer the title.” day after day after day. Finally, today, after hearing me say the word “Late fee” she went down there. Instead of $30, it was $105.

However, this is coming out of my pocket book as it is a present for her. Oh well, $105, either way, still pissed me off, talk about procrastination, it was bought in JULY.

She did have a pretty funny story. She said when she went to the counter the lady looked up some 4 letter abbreviation, apparently Kawasaki is labeled as “KAWK”. Katie said as loud as everyone in the DMV could hear it with an awkward silence the lady has a puzzled look as she looks on the title and in the computer and looks up and said “Whats a KAWK”, prounouncing it like “cock”. Katie said she tried not to laugh, saying “Well, I could explain it for you if you want.” and nothing but laughs in the DMV, then she said “Just kidding, its a sport bike, a kawASAKI.”


dude that is the funniest story I have heard in a long time!


LOL good story :stuck_out_tongue:

Good one katie

You go girl, that was a nice one:p


Yikes…that’s funny.

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