K&N Typhoon intake

Anybody know if the typhoon will fit a 99zx2, k&n’s website only says 00-02 but one website i found said it would work for a 99, but i’m pretty sure it won’t because of the MAF, any ideas? thanks guys

just use the 00-03 maf im not shure if the 99 is a 6 wire or 4 but someone will know

do you have a 4 wire or 6 wire MAF? Either way It doesnt matter. You can just drill a hole and insert the other sensor if u have a 4 wire from what Ive heard.

There used to be a tutorial for the 6-4 conversion for MAF sensors.

look around some of the forums you should be able to find it.

can i just slap in a 6-wire maf? i’d much rather not drill my intake.

You should be able to, but I would check to see which wires are what. I would also go out and buy a 4 wire end and solder the to ends of the wires together. This way it can come out easily.

Yeah, don’t drill it. Find the thread to change the 4 wire to 6 wire if you don’t already have it.

  • Darron

Thanks guys! Let the modification begin! If anyone has any other great advice for this please post it. Thanks again