justy a feeler

ok that sounded dirty but anyway … i was wondering if i could get like 2k for my zx2 without the motor installed… maybe its just time to give up this thing is kicking my ass and i could lift my jeep nice and high with that money and then get a bike to go fast… im not at the point where i want to sell it its just becoming a money pit

98 zx2 112k no rust, flat black no seats or rear interior
v6 contour 120k
svt intake manifolds
hotshot intake
hks hi power muffler
walbro 255lph fuel pump
weapon r fuel pressure regulator
complete car wiring from a 98 contour
nology plug wires
focus trans with 30k
focus central short shift
various painted interior panels

What all needs to be done to it to get it running?

  • Darron

the motor put in and wired… i dunno i still would be said to see her go … but i just dont have the time right now …ill keep working on it until it goes tho … but once the motors in and running i will probably charge more if i decide to sell it then … im just waiting for offers im not making a real attempt to sell it yet i.e ebay or autolocator or anything

any photos?

$2k is a steal IMO…if I weren’t getting married and buying a house, I might consider it. Oh well, I’d rather a wife ‘n’ house than another car…even if that car has a V6 swapped in for the 4…

  • Darron

its not in yet , but i have all the stuff for it … like i said time is just against me right now , ive spent way over two grand in the motor, parts, gas to go get the motor , paint, beer, pizza , my time so far, the transmission, clutch , flywheel