Justin Timberlake is the answer.

So for those with a wife or girlfriend… you ALL KNOW when you go shopping that it’s an in and out operation unless she goes with you right?

I figured i’d first at least start with an example. Here I am grocery shopping.
The red line is me, the blue line is me with my wife shopping.


Now… I discovered something the other day. I bought her some justin timberlake cd she wanted and when i went to go grocery shopping she wouldn’t stop listening to it. So i tried it again the next time we went shopping and said “It’ll only take a minute you wanna listen to music?” and got “YEAH! i’m gonna listen to justin timberlake!”


This worked for anyone else?

damn you Derek! my sides hurt from laughing so much…

roflmao. Its too early for this stuff… especially after coming off of a double-shift through the overnight.


  • Darron

lol, nice!

haha… very funny. That is sarcasm. I find this agrivating because she shops like that and hate’s the triple threat justin.