just put a sock in it okay!



Nice, I know a girl who did that once… but she used a rag instead… and of course 10 mins later… the engine started smoking and the rag got on fire… :lol: :lol: …No pitty for the non-common sense people

Yeah, no kidding. I couldn’t help but laugh, it’s common sense.

If worse came to worse, I would have used a sock. It provides breathing room for expansion. But I would have also used a piping clamp from my intake to keep it in place.

keyword “to keep it in place” :slight_smile:


  • Darron

i woulda just found the damn oil cap no matter what … i didnt tighten the oil cap on my zx2 too tight once and it blew oil all over the place i was so pissed at myself cuz i was in a hurry and didnt double check

Wow :shock: . That is just too funny!! LOL :lol:


I have one friend who, after an oil change completely forgot to put the oil cap back on. Amazingly he drove it 45 miles one direction and only lost about 1/2 a quart of oil. I have no idea how he managed that…