Jayco cool air intake

3rd week of october will be releasing a jayco stainless steel cool ait intake with a
k&n filter and recalibrated mass air flow sensor pics coming soon…

How much for the CAI? and can it be bought without the K&N? I just purchased a new K&N as my old one got chewed up.

X2 I just got a new K&N also

that fine with me ill adjust the price as not to include the filter also for you guys needing k&n filters i am an authorized dealer…

It’s the third week of October. Any news?

yeah im looking at a polymer tube instead of metal

i might be interested…

I am looking for an intake right now and would love to get one of these. Any idea as to how much longer?

afew weeks on these

Any pix yet?

and is this a true CAI? if so where does it get the cold air from and what are the dim?

ill get back to you in a week or so once i get caught up