Issues with my JBA

Ok, so I got my JBA used and now it’s causing an issue. Its an older header and it melted the A/C hose which I replaced and “armored.” Granted I’m still having issues with my A/C, but that is not the point. Is there any kind of coating or repair service that shops can do for it? Or should I just junk the whole thing and do something else? I still want to get a custom down pipe and 2.5 exhaust tubing.

There are coatings that they can apply to decrease heat transfer.
There are also universal raps that you can put on.
You could also make a heat shield or have someone make one for you.

Good to know. I figure that when I take her in for the work, I’m just gonna have everything done so I don’t have to worry about it.

Darth! you should ask Foos Fight. He had his header coated, he had the header shipped directly to the coater when he purchased it, if I remember correctly. Its called Jet something or other. This maybe exactly what your looking for.

Jet Hot. You’d probably have to get any cracks or holes in it fixed first, but you can ship it to them and they can clean it (if there should happen to be any rust) then they can coat it. They have a few different colors to choose from too. I’m very happy with it. I went with Blue. Their coating guarantees no rust ever, plus like 40% decrese in under hood temps just from lack of heat transfer from the pipes. I almost thought about sending the CTA in for coating too. It looks hella-tight in my opinion (There are pics up on my cardomain).

It is kinda expensive though, but well worth it.

  • Darron

I’m going to see if the place I’m taking the car to for a full exhaust system can do the coating. I’m excited, another local tuner recommended me to a place. I’m going to get a custom down pipe, and 2.5 exhaust. :smiley:

What the hell are you talking about ?..there is no AC line even near the header ??? :roll: You melted your throttle cable didnt you ???? hehheheehe Pull it back and re-mount it .

Ah, there is. When I get pics, I’ll show you. I’m guessing its because yours is an earlier model.