Integra killed

Heres the scenario. I had just gotten out of seeing “Fearless” and quickly jumped on 17w to get to the other side of the town we were in (middletown). There were 4 of us in the car. We decided to get off 17 on the other side of middletown and stop to use the bathrooms at mcd’s. While getting off the ramp there is a stop light. There was an integra (late 90’s) sitting 1 car in front and to the left (another lane). We were both turning left so the light changes he stays in his lane, I had a car in front of me that got into the far right lane by changing lanes through the turn. This left the lane open for me to speed up a little. As I hear my engine pick up revs I also hear the Integra start to accelerate and POP, Sparks out the exhaust. After that it was like the integra was standing still.

LOL Sucks to be him. I wonder if maybe he was trying to make pop corn with his engine?

  • Darron

by the time I got around the corner I was already 2 -3 car lengths behind him. lol

Silly Hondas. Most of them think that because they have a Credit Card and Ebay, their car will be a 10 second monster.

Yeah and that goes for alot of ZX2 Owners as well…

Heh, I just thought of a good saying:

Silly hondas, some drivers think they are cars.

LOL :lol: Nice one Darth:)


Well if honda owners were that free spending i wish i was ebay lol…

But you sell quality parts, so selling to Honda owners will be tough.

The Honda owners I know are perfectly fine with beating the hell out of their cars, so they will not go for a high quality part that they will need to pay a quality price for.

Your could have a point…

silly imports need to stay in their own county :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m not against imports, just rather upset that they have taken over the compact scene. Imagine a Fast and Furious movie with Escorts, ZX2s and ZX3s. :smiley:

But seriously, Ford is the major reason why imports have taken over. They dropped the ball in shifting the focus (no pun intended) to the Mustang and 500s.

^ one day :expressionless: