Important info for anyone repairing their A/C system

Ok word to the wise. I discovered I had a leak coming from a spot on my AC hose that had broken free from its fixture and rubbed itself bear against the motor mount. My dad and I spend the day taking the hose off my car and got ready to replace it from the one off my 02 parts car.

Here is the 02’s hose and compressor lying on its side. The pulley is face down so you can visualize how it lines up to the belt system. See how the hose attaches? The compressor’s mount is on the side, and that bulbous thing is a collector of some sort I think.

You’d think it would be all the same, BUT LO!

As you can see the 03’s hose lacks the collector, and the mount is facing towards the nose of the car! :smiley: We determined that if one was ever to blow the compressor itself, as a unit the compressor and its proper hose will bolt right on, but in this case to avoid that process my dad just sprung for a new hose. All hail the parental unit who despite my efforts to spread my wings, still comes in and saves my ass from time to time.