im new here

hey, i’m new here. ive been searching around and this seems like the best place to be. i need a new head for my car. its a 99 zx2. where would i go about finding one at a reasonable price?

Junkyard is a good place to start. Or are you looking for a performance head?

And welcome to the site.

im looking for a performance aftermarket one

welcome to the site, it’s one of the best out there.

i don’t think after market heads are made, but u can build one w/ aftermarket CAMs and sh*t

Zxtuner did have a line up head packages. They use to run for between $1,500-$2,500 depending on the head you chose. You could always ask if they would still do the job.

Gude has a head package, but very limited information is know about it. I personally haven’t heard many good things about Gude.

Esslinger is probably your next option. I don’t know if they make heads, but they do race a Zx2. So I’m sure there is a package that they can put together.

Cosworth is another option. Though they might be expensive, they know their stuff. They mostly work on the older Escorts with the SOHCs and the Focus. I’m sure if you expressed interest and money, they would do it as a custom job. They will even bench it an send you the stats to show the improvement.

I hope this helps you out. Personally, I would get one from a junkyard and have someone local port and polish. Get some oversized valves with a set of performance cams and valve springs. That will probably run around $700-$1000. I just don’t have that kind of cash do drop into the my car right now.

I have a spare head in my garage. I can send it out to get ported and polished. I can also send you the springs, valves, hydrolic lifters, keepers, retainers, and cams (the tabs on the end of the cam broke so its up to you if you want it still, you can always swap with what you have in your head over to the new head). Also VCT adaptor and exhaust gear sprocket (intake sproket is broken). I can send it all out to you for $100 plus shipping. If you want to buy it ported and polished I can get that done out here or you can go do it out by you it doesnt matter. There are minor knicks in the head that a machine shop can easily fix up. Let me know.

one name says it all…JohnP. he’s your best bet. get one of his heads, then send yours to him for a core charge, and you end up saving money. he can port and polish it to whatever c.r. and specs you want, and he’ll assemble the valvetrain for you if you supply the parts. he does it all for a better price and better craftmanship than gude or essy also. while you are at it…get one of his stock ported TB’s and IM’s. it’ll be like pure sex…you are looking at mucho horsepower, and not a whole lot of cash.


Anyone have JohnP’s contact info? I can’t remember if it is still in my inbox or not…

They are right; JohnP is the one you want to get all of this stuff from…<basically; if he has anything to do with it; pick it up>