I'm finally turboing the Z~

It’s finally come down to it , will be installed the First week of August . I’m hoping to yield 180hp , 190tq . Everyone pray and wish me luck at 151,000 miles . If you ever met me and seen my ZX2 , it was one of the cleanest stock wise , so there should be no problem boosting it at 7 psi ~

Full gude kit piping (used) with brand new teo4h turbine
oil feed and return line
42lb injectors
Ford lightning 90mm maf calibrated to 42lb injectors
Boost controller
Aem wide band o2 sencor kit
Sniper tuning
Boost gauge
oil pressure gauge
oil line restictor
vaccum hoses
oil pan gasket
flexicool radiator gasket
new air filter (turbine side )
255lph mustang pump
Focus 1 step colder spark plugs , gapped to .035
180 degree thermostat

Congrats dude, going FI is a big but important step for our cars. How long have you owned her?

I bought her in 1999 right off the Ford lot , car is perfect , highly maintaned by me . The compression is perfect . If the head gasket goes it goes and then its time for a performance block and tranny with a retune .

Ah original owner, good! You know the car’s maintenance history. From my own research, if you do an engine rebuild, just don’t mess with the compression and you should have no negative effects from boosting it.

Are you kidding me?..You want lower compression! You get more power with less boost …You should look into this a little more , you dont have your facts straight .

Wait one second. You do want higher compression. The more you can compress the air after igniting will create more power.

If you are talking about decreasing the length of the pistons, that will create more volume between head and the valves. When boosted you would essentally get that compression ratio back but more fuel and air to burn which creates more power.

But if you still think high compression creates less power…go tell the boys at Ferrari that they have it all wrong.

thanks mirror for repeating what I just said hehehehe … :roll:

Mirror?? Did you lower that thing yet ?..its so rice with a body kit and huge fender gaps . Do us all a favor a buy some adjustable coilovers , so I dont have to hear you whine about driving it in the snow .

thanks mirror for repeating what I just
Duho! I wouldn't have said anything if you said a little more. I thought you were saying something completely different. My Apologies.

It’s kind of a toss up between right now…
Tranny swap and Turbo -or- Lowering

But I have a winter car now, so lowering is definitly an option.

What winter car did you buy ?..and your going 5 speed ?..thats great , good luck with everything .

But Mirror, I thought you were a S/C kind of guy? Give up on that? Anyway ZXTUNERINNY looks like you have a nice game plan. Let us know how that goes.


I bought a Buick Regal for the winter.

I’m going with a 5 speed. After joinning a local car club called “Re-Up WNY” I met a guy named Doug who has done the conversions before. So I should be able to get the full transmission and all the extra parts needed for under $400.

I am an S/C kind of guy, but every S/C that was suppose to come out for our car has fallen through. So I’m going with a turbo, but need to get the 5 speed first. Man I wanted that S/C. But I already have the full plan drawn up for the turbo, so I’m going to push forward and build a turbo system. Shouldn’t cost me too much either. Around $300 I’m thinking. Goal is 5-7psi first then up from there. The goal would be 14psi or 300hp, which ever comes first.

I’m on the fence about a S/C myself now. There is just so much information/experience shared from other members who have turboed, from a troubleshooting stand point it has become the better solution. But I need to pace myself. The new order for this I think should be called the major three:

In order

1st. 5 speed (most guys are lucky that they already have this)
2nd. SCT (some have already done this before the 5 speed with good results)
3rd. Turbo

Im a newb, whats SCT, what does it do? and how does it improve the car? something with timing is my guess? -Jon

SCTx2 can reprogram your car and SCT is the company’s name. Timming, Shift Points, Idle, etc… You can check them out at SCT’s website