I'm considering giving the ZX2 a new look.

However, I need opinions…

First off I want a clean look, as usual. Considering taking off the vinyls on the side panels as they were a joke and originally for our scca team and well… we don’t have a team anymore.

Second of all… i get a lot of “Aren’t those stripes awfully small? To be honest I wanted to go for the rally look but I think I want just a bit more thickness, it’s 4” stripes with 1/8" pinstripes on each side, so really it looks like they are about 4 1/4" stripes. but I think it would look better if the stripes were inbetween 4.5 and 5" stripes as i can’t stand the look of the 6" stuff i’ve seen on some of the cars…

opinions? Here’s what she looks like right now…







I’d also eventually like to do a wings west kit, but the reason of not doing it yet is because in the winter the car is pretty low and does become a snowplow… i don’t want to rip up the kit, nor make the paint turn to shit. The wings west isn’t huge low, but it definitely still extends the body lines.

ive always liked the idea of a split strip running up the drivers side… like take one side of the vinyl you have now and move it over to inbetween the head light and turn signal. have that run all the way to the back.

You have a photoshop example? I’m bad at explanations, i work better with imagining it if i have a semi sort of example.

It’s not a ZX2(WARNING: Camaro), but maybe something like this?



ZX2 Ralley Stripes:

[url=http://www.autotrimdesign.com/Shopping%20Pages/Installation%20Information/Custom%20Graphics/ATD-ZX2GRPH01/ATD-ZX2GRPH01%20Parts%20List.PDF]http://www.autotrimdesign.com/Shopping% ... 20List.PDF[/url]


Pics enabled, remaining link is for PDF of last pic. FF

Naw, seen those graphics kits and see one on a zx2, its been done. I’d prefer to cut and do my vinyls custom. I don’t want it to be something that has been done before. No sense in doing the camaro stripes around the hood like that, i have no scoop and no need for a scoop.

1st Derek i like the idea that mark has. the link that fbdy4lf gave isn’t bad either. But you do air brushing. Create something. Go for it. trust your art.

My personal preference is against Mark’s idea. I agree the Camaro one’s are kinda pointless (look great on that car, but not ours) and the other one is rather freaking large for my own tastes. If you did some air brusing on it it’d probably end up sweet, plus you know it’d be unique 'cause it came out your own melon.

  • Darron

The off center rally stripes would look rather neat I think. Just not as big as the ZX2 ones pictured above.

Just go to the ford dealer and order the stripe kit thats on the ford GTs :wink: