I'm Baaaack

Can you handle it? haha yea i know you didnt miss me but anyways… i had winter break at school which meant no internet for nikki… the plans for the car have been shot to crap lately… umm my cell phone got stolen so i had to pay $150 for a new one… and since me income tax was so little ($200) and my mom is bein dumb and makin me pay for it my cash flow is NEGATIVE. I also quit my job because i found out my mom may have CANCER… could life get any worse… actually it can… my life down here is riding “the line” which i explained in an earlier post… the weather has gone HORRIBLE and there is ICE everywhere… so no one is hangin out… ugh what a terrible week… so whats new with everyone?! lol…

Much love

Ok…So you have money problems, but why did you quit your job?
Your mother has cancer, yeah that sucks but that extra money from the job could help pay for her treatment.

[venting] Life in school sucks when you have to pay your way. Stupid financial aid! They don’t help you at all. I’m convinced they don’t. And the business office is all over you when you owe them money. But when they owe you money, it’s whenever they get around to it. [/venting]

mirrors right.

Im sorry to hear about the troubles your going through, but why did you quite you job? thats extra cash that could pay supplies. I encourage you to try and get another job.

I know its hard to survive under lots of stress but you have to push through and be strong, especially for your mom.

Winters almost over so the ice will be gone soon.

Drinkin at the bar almost everyday, got alcohal poisoning last weekend, had to ride that out because I have no insurance. Still drank the day after that but only had 3 beers instead of the usual 9 or more. Raced a 2003 Eclipse GT (manual) for 20 miles going in and out of traffic on the highway and beating him. Trying to pass my emissions test since this month is my test date and I cleared whatever codes I had in my computer and 3 weeks have gone by and 1500 miles and I still get ‘P1000 OBDII Readiness Test Incomplete’ which means an automatic fail. I have 160 OBDII Trips and 0 OBDII Cycles. Usually it takes 50 OBDII Trips to have 1 OBDII Cycle and that would get rid of that code, but most of you people probably dont know that. It doesn’t help that its -2 degrees out here and I have that 180 degree thermostat from ZXTuner so my car stays a little too cold. I’ve been driving around without heat inside my car so I can keep it all under the engine compartment otherwise I’ll get the code “P0125 (i think) Insufficent Coolant Temperature For Closed Loop Operation”

Agreed with mark and mirrorguardian. Supplies are expensive, keeping that job could help along with that. Sometimes even a crappy job can help you through the tough times.

Sorry to hear about the whole cancer thing. All of my grandpas have passed from cancer along with my grandmas, a total of 5 deaths in our family so far caused by it, not fun. We won’t go there though. A doctor had “diagnosed me” with lymphoma at one point which was actually a mistake (thank god, scared the shit out of me) and was reported as enlarged lymphatic nodes due to an oddball virus I got. But when he mistakenly diagnosed me with it I had a real slap in the face from reality real quick, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible for shitty things like that to help in the future. Just live your life and enjoy what you have. I have a friend who quit his job without another one lined up with a lot of payments, he lost everything (he was a retard, we’re no longer friends) but he’s stuck away now with a crappy job digging himself out of a hole to get out of his hole of a town, only reason he’s able to get out of there and save is because he took a job he didn’t like and didn’t want to grit his teeth and get through it. For that very point I am proud he made that choice, instead of getting down about what life threw him and what he was going through he got a crappy job and is biting through it to fix his life so he can do something good later. But I still hate him… but that’s beside the point.

Moral of the story - Life throws you curveballs and sometimes throws pitches at you that are way too fast for you to react to. All you can do is to continue your daily life the way you were, help your loved ones as necessary and not let people push you around, it’s your life, take control of it, live your dreams and enjoy it.

thanks for all the support. The job i was working i was gettin paid $2.15 with tips but the tips sucked… so i needed a new job anyway. Im looking… trying to stay away from the food industry but if worse comes to worse i can go wait tables again… grr! oh well byee

what about seeing if your school maybe has a work study program? alot of schools are starting to those programs now. you may get minimum wage, but its like you said $2.15 w/ tips is not a whole lot. $6.50/hr is a bit better.

Look around, I dont know what kind of area you live in, but im sure there are businesses around like blockbuster video or fast food (yeah i know no food service anymore…). Those types of businesses must provide at least minimum wage.

If your good at dealing with people you could do what I did. When I was strapped for cash I went and got a job dealing with the developmentally disabled. its a great job with great rewards, but has a high burn-out rate. minimum wage in that field has to be at least $8.00/hr, here in NY we higher at $10.00.

Check it out, there are many opportunities out there. You just have to be active in finding them.

We have DECA which is a work study program but i have to enroll at the beginning of the year and then i didnt have enough class spots open. but next year its a must! half day of school ! YES! lol… but i started my new job yesterday… im a cashier at a local grocery store. $5.50 starting out and a .25 cent raise after 3 months… YAY! lol… anyways… its SUPER easy!

good to hear!!