Dude, What is up ya’ll? I am living the wonderful life of the Air Force. Thought I would drop in and say hi to you guys and let you know I miss you! Congrats to Darron and Miranda on their wedding engagement, I will be up to visit soon! And where is Lamar? I want to come visit you and new Lamar2! Give me a shout! Chris is a butt like usual. Ha Ha, that just went out world wide that you are a butt!!! Yesssss!!! marks 1 point on chalk board

Welcome back lisa!

im glad to hear that the Air Force is treating you well. We havent seen Lamar around here in a while. Not sure where he got too… last i heard he had sold his ZX2 project. Lamar if your out there, come on home!!!


Thanks :roll: lol

Lisa!!! I was just wondering about ya actually!! Glad that you are doing well. Can’t wait to see ya!!


HI LISA! THANKS! Chris…now that you’re known world wide as a butt…what’re you gonna do next!? :wink: lol

  • Darron

P.S. Don’t worry…my X-box Live gamertag is P00Head! :slight_smile:

Sweeeet… Don’t worry Chris… you will always be the cutest butt I ever saw!

Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! That’s like mommy showing baby pics to your girlfriend!!! Hahahahahaa

HAhaha, nice one Pip.

Lamar is alive & well. Working alot. He did, in fact, sell the ZX2 to a co-worker. :? I call him every once in a while to check in on him & discuss the VW GTI he has. He’s doing great. The baby sounds like a handfull too. :stuck_out_tongue:


YAY! Scotty’s posting again! Good to hear from you again, hope things are going better for ya!

  • Darron

I’m with Darron.

I agree also, hope you all are doing well. The older we get sometimes I miss posting as much.