Ignition problem? Not really a "problem" but just

Ok so last night I was warming up the car and lately i’ve noticed a very very small “blubber” if you want to even call it that. It’s so small and so unnoticeable that I don’t think it’s a big deal but I’m picky.

Ok so when I first installed my ford racing wires I was dragging a cylinder because apparently one of the wires wasn’t fully down in the engine, the little plastic rubber retainer wasn’t in the hole the whole way. So I got it in, it ran great, the end.

Well we all know that feeling when you’re dragging a cylinder… well it’s like that feeling but for a VERY brief second, not even a second, probably 1/5 of a second, it’ll feel like it’s missing a spark. And it’ll do it every so often, for instance if I’m holding my foot on the pedal and maintaining a perfect 2000rpms while in neutral it’ll sound fine, run fine then BLUBBER but feels like just one cylinder doing it, but it’s so quick and so small and so hardly noticeable it’s just, well, it just does it.

Definitely feels like spark to me. Any suggestions? I’m all about trying to get as much spark as possible. I mean it isn’t affecting the performance in the car drastically, isn’t making a huge deal.

Plugs are new
Ford racing wires are almost totally new
Haven’t checked the coil…
When I installed the wires I neglected to use any dielectric compound…

So… I’m guessing probably stick some dielectric compound in the suckers and redo it.
But any other suggestions to get the most of these wires? I’m considering buying one of those performance coil packs.


If you had a bad coil it would effect 2 cylinders.

This feels like one… And it isn’t “bad” just acts like it misses every so often.

Could it be a malfunctioning fuel injector? Perhaps not enough fuel or too much?

It was a thought… I guess that’s a possiblity too is one of them “spurting” I guess I’ll go nab some fuel injector at the store and shoot it in tank. Process of elimination.