If I took over the world...

I’ve been very bored at night… pissed off and in a ranting mood.

Also, i’m tired of stupid people so here is my plan should i ever dominate the world. Slim chance, I know, but one can only hope and dream right?

Pre-Domination: All continents will be pushed together using giant cranes. This will ensure easier shipment of goods and an easier way of life. The continent will just be known as “The big country” for simplicity instead of some fancy name which would be named after me… i’m not that egotistical.

Step one: Stupid people are a problem. Immediately, once the world has been taken over everyone will be forced to take an IQ test, anyone under 100 will be shipped to “The island”. If someone challenges this and thinks they are smart enough to stay in the big country then they can take another test that deals with pure logic and patience, if they are found stupid in terms of their IQ and on top of it impatient and unable to think logically they will be taken to the island. This will ensure that no one in the big country has to deal with stressful situations dealing with completely annoying and stupid people that we deal with on a regular basis.

Step two: Optimizing power. Thats right! Free electricity and power. The way this will be obtained is that the stupid people that are shipped off to the island will still have jobs and make money and have their own places to live (i’m not that cruel) but their jobs will all involve things we don’t want to do that require simplicity. Mostly, hampster wheels, giant hampster wheels. What this means is that the stupid people will run on the hampster wheels which run generators, eliminating any need for gasoline generators or hydroelectricity. This means all natural electricity. But what about gas? I thought of that too. We will construct giant oil pumps and refineries and have those run off of hampster wheels (some way or another) as well. This means that everything is run by stupid people on giant hampster wheels.

Step three: Keeping the stupid people at bay. I realize that if stupid people run on wheels all day while we relax in luxury that they will grow amazingly strong legs, making them lethal bruce lee or chuck norris legs of pure death. I have taken this into consideration and decided that there will be a numbered and LIMITED amount of wheels, so that the stupid people take 30 minute incriment shifts so that the wheel is on at all times, but not more than one stupid person on the wheel at any more than 30 minutes to ensure that they do their job but don’t get too strong doing it. We wouldn’t want to be overthrown by idiots.

Now… I also realize that stupid people need someone to tell them what to do, keep them in line. Thats why I would hire the smart people you grew up with in school that were highly annoying that wore suspenders and laughed like steve erkel. some of these people have managed to grow quite an ego and just want to be in control after being picked on in school. So we will allow them to actually run the island. Now, we won’t give them weapons, just whips or jumpropes to keep the idiots in line. This will ensure that these smart and intelligent yet egotistical people who control them cannot raise an army as we will not let them have boats or planes, simply live on the island and control the idiots.

Step 4: The IQ border. We don’t want any sneaky idiots getting into the big country. Now, I realize that is a contradiction… sneaky idiot… anyway… the border will be a giant 25ft titanium wall with laser beams mounted within every 25ft distance from section to section ensuring complete coverage of the entire border. Now, the lasers won’t shoot anyone… to enter into the country you must pass through a security gate, 4 on each side for ease of entering and it will scan your IQ and see if you’ve passed the test to get in. If you do, you get in, if you don’t you have 30 seconds to step away from the gate and come back where you came from. For example:

“Human, please step forward to be scanned” cool humming noise
“HAHA that tickles durrrrr”
“Human, your IQ is 85, you may not enter the big country”
“Whatever, i do what i want!”
“Human, this is your last warning, please step back.”
“You robot son of a bitch!”
“Goodbye human zzzzzzzt
"AHHH MY F*CKING ARMS! they’re gone!

Now, with lasers making limbs go missing they make sure they don’t bleed to death by cutting with lasers ensuring that they still live, and making sure that they don’t miss legs, ensuring they can go back to the island and continue their daily life. Cool eh? I thought of that as well.

OK Derek I like you i really do like you. With that said you need help, counseling or at least a new hobbie. Hell start drinking again. I like the random drunken post from when you batch of home made wine was done.

Now If you made me your 2nd in command I’m all for it. At least Ruler of Las Vegas.

and i also thought about step 3 Make them ware those neck collars like on running man.

Done, and done!

Mark will also get his own state, he’ll own texas and there will be nothing but zx2’s there.

WOOOT!!! Thats what I’m talking about. Vegas BABY!!!
the only laws I’ll have to change is the speed limit’s.

And 1 more group of ppl than need to go to the island are the pedophiles Either that or just shoot them. They are predators and the world would be better off with out them.

I also had plans for world domination, it in voled abolishing organized religion, I mean it’s a book, I can read and interpret just like anyone else. Second I’d abolish currency, it’s just useless pieces of paper. Then I’d end the use of firearms, because blades are more intimate than killing someone at 300 meters, so is hand to hand combat. Then every person would have to do some type of task, picking other peoples noses, teaching math, science, grammer, medicine, etiquette, agriculture, building cars, cooking, entertaining people, whatever as long as it’s not sitting on your behind. There wouldn’t be social laws, meaning if you wanted to kill yourself, go right ahead, or if someone raped a loved one you could get vengeance, you know street justice. Then I’d indiscriminately kill of 33% of the human population so we could sustain future generations. Work hours would be from 10:30a.m. through 10:30 p.m. only. And there would be 3 months vacation time. Food would be free, fun would be free, cars would be free, everyone could live without worry of basic needs. Sure there would be people who never know what they want to be or do in life, for those people, they will be trained in a certain work field depending on the worlds needs. If you don’t do something you die. I haven’t thought the whole thing out… It’s impossible to rationalize an irrational world, so I gave up my plans at age nine. :evil:

LOL. Awesome. Hey I’m, but I want LA to turn the whole city into a huge race track. Or multiple tracks with each challenging different aspects of driving.

“I want LA to turn the whole city into a huge race track.”
I thought it already was. I love tyres. :smiley:

I mean nothing BUT racing. No pedestrian traffic on the streets. Underground transit and select bus routes are the main ways.

Er, would be. Heh.

my sister would be a hamster…

Woot texas! Home of zx2’s and steer.

Thank the good LORD none of us will ever be able to rule the world. Trust me, you don’t want that responsibility. People are inherently evil. They’ll find some way to over throw you, or at least rebel. I don’t care who you are, you can’t move the continents, it’s just not gonna happen…ever. Plus it doesn’t matter what your IQ is, you can have an amazingly high IQ but no common sence and vice versa. Any form of government thought up on man’s own is doomed to failure at some point.

Not really soory to burst your bubble, but Roush is right, don’t worry, we all love you as a brother, so don’t take us wrong.

  • Darron

But he was gonna give us cities to play with…

:cry: :-D

The other problem is that even people with high IQ’s do dumb things. You can have a high IQ and no common sence. I would like to think I’d pass the IQ test, but I still do some dumb stuff 'cause I don’t always think it through. The fact you’re dealing with humans means there’s no way to make a “perfect” society.

  • Darron

Sure there is…

Anti-Stupid Implants

Of Course!

i wished i ruled the world it would be fun

It would be a headache… Think of all the opinions you would have to change. Or all the people you would have to eliminate…

just kill every one but your friends and all the zx2 owners

I’m sure not all of YOUR friends own ZX2s :smiley:

Sun Tzus Art of War… Everything you need to know about being unsuccessful.

you wouldn’t have to change anyone’s opinions if you gave them the anti-stupid chip. they would already be not-stupid and see the world from your view!

So you’d be ruling a bunch of robots…sounds like you’d be quite the nerdy geek. Would you dress like Urkle too? :-o :-o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Darron