I think i have a problem...Not sure

[b]There are two things im concerned with. First off, my car has problems starting. I turn the key when i get in it, and the engine turns just fails to start. I turn the key back and wait 5 seconds and do it again, then it starts no problem. Im not sure what will cause this… It could be when the car is cold but still shoudl not do this… Any ideas?

Also, When i am in 2nd or 3rd gear especially and am driving along at a decently high RPM, the car seems to liek pull forward or tug, not really makign a soudn but just kidn of a jerk forward, is it a mis fire or soemthing, im realyl worried its somethign else.[/b]

How many miles are on your car? is it near the tune up interval? Also check for vacuum leaks (specifically a bad pcv valve) trust me if those go bad on these cars they wont run at all sometimes, and lastly if all else fails you may have a problem with your fuel pump, usually hard start conditions accompanied with a lack or power/surge impliment a bad or going bad pump. but lets hope not right

before you get involved in taking out the fuel pump, try changing the fuel filter.


first change the fuel filter and then check your fuel pressure my dad had a zx2 that you had to crank twice to get to start due to a weak fuel pump, and as for the tranny problem is it a manual or an automatic…