I just want to crawl in a ****ing hole.

Every time i clean up my act i get hit with something else. I got a ticket a while back for 89 in a 55, and since i have been a great driver!

I haven’t had the money lately to get my studs off, so i just now got an appointment tomorrow to get them off, well, what would you know, i get pulled over after cleaning out my car and i have nothing in my glovebox (hence no insurance) and still have my studs on. Explain it to the officer and I get a $400 fine. And a “have a great day!” :frowning: FUCK!

I can never win, i clean up my act, try hard and get hit, every FUCKING TIME! I want to crawl in a fucking hole. I can never win.

dude… I dont know how the courts work by you but here in new york you can plead not guilty and send the ticket in for a court appearance. you should fight it.

Oh i’m going and i’m fighting it.

I’ve been down that road. Just remember one thing. It could always be worse. And eventually once things are worked out there’s no where to go but up.

Take heart dude. I just came off of getting 3 tickets in a row for various stuff, plus an accident. I took driving school for the first, got nailed for the second, my insurance spiked due to the accident (it WAS my fault) and as I’m waiting in court for my trial I hear the balif call out the name of the officer who ticketed me.

No response, I got off free.

Good things can happen. Keep fighting.