Humor me

Okay, I’ve heard it mentioned many times. I have actually seen the package. However, I haven’t the faintest idea about the proper or best technique for it’s use. I am talking about the Clay Bar. No, not the beer joint down the street that your buddy Clay owns, I mean as it applies to finish restoration. Basically, what should I avoid doing with it so I don’t screw up mama’s truck :wink: . It is a '94 Blazer Tahoe LT, red all over . . . . an icky hazy faded dull red all over. Or, should I even be thinking Clay Bar to begin with? A little help for the old wrench here from a detail guy would be appreciated.

clay bars work wonders for insect and pollution stains on paint - but i think for a faded red car, you’re best just going with a polishing wax/cleaner like meguiars car cleaner and finish restorer. my .02


muchos gracias