Human Beatbox

Some of you may have seen this already, but I find them hilarious. This is the guy "playing drums/piano. This is the guy doing his “beatbox”. I would recommend watching the beatbox first.

Funny stuff.

  • Darron

I like the description… “Amazing beatbox compilation…”

Now lets see him beatbox for real, instead of just making sounds and clipping videos together. That would be impressive…

kinda of like this guy…

[url=] ... nica&hl=en[/url]


[url=] ... nica&hl=en[/url]

now thats impressive!!

I liked the piano, drummer the best… It was well designed… although that hole harmonica b-box this is cool

I think it’s better to actually watch it than to just hear it. I know it’s just editing, but he did do a very good job of it. I also saw a vid of an actual beatbox champion challenging a soloist drummer. Very interesting and well done. The drummer is amazingly talented.

  • Darron